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It is more than just Independent Living....

it is Joyful Living
PAN PALS: We shop, prepare a few meals, label, freeze them for later and then clean up!  CHOW NOW and a FEAST for when you LEAST feel like cooking!
BRAIN BUDDIES:  In home activities and programs shown to keep the mind sharp as a tack! 
MIND MATTERS: Programs and activities that minister to the mind and spirit of individuals with dementia. Alzheimer's Association recommended
THIS IS THE DAY! A publication of what is happening in "your neck of the woods" so you can go out with your companion and enjoy life!.
THE GROCERY GO-FERSOur team will "go-fer" the groceries, put them away, track food freshness and keep the cabinets tidy.
HELPING HANDS: Come join one of our groups (men, women, mixed) and lend a hand for a good cause while enjoying good fellowship!
BOUNDLESS BEAUTY:  Bring home the arts!  In-home sculpting, art, songs and music from the 1930s to current sounds!
LIFE JOURNAL: Don't just sit around letting your life memories disappear with time.  Have our staff record them in a special journal-military, family, even your w​alk of faith-for generations to come.
BREAKING BREAD: Come join the group as we share a Bible study or listen to a guest speaker at a local restaurant.  Prizes and door prizes.
Be comforted in the knowledge that we lift up each client and family in prayer and will join you in prayer for your needs and concerns.
PUPPY LOVE: When available, enjoy "pet therapy" with puppy kisses and hugs!
LENDING LIBRARY: Only The Shepherd's Path offers a caregiver and care receiver support library filled with wholesome videos, books, movies and helpful resources!
Did you know that individuals who engaged in activities related to his or her faith in God had a lower chance of dying regardless of what their illness was? 1
In a study of patients following open heart surgery, those who had a strong support system and relied heavily on their faith in God were 66% less likely to die following surgery. 2
A randomized clinical trial found a significant reduction in the amount of pain experienced by individuals who were assigned to be prayed for by an intercessory prayer group as compared to the control group who were not prayed for. 3
Time after time, science and medicine tell us what we, as believers, already know.  Our reliance upon God's care, His Word and healthy fellowship renews us day by day.
The 12 part JOYFUL LIVING PROGRAM   offered exclusively by The Shepherd's Path
Biblically- Based
Fully Ministering
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1.The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 55: M400-M405
2.American Journal of Psychiatry 155: 536-542
3.Journal of Complementary Medicine 10: 438-448

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